Stakeholder Responsibility

Stakeholder Responsibility

JCDecaux works with a variety of stakeholders across all parts of the business. Our stakeholders vary from local government and customers (advertisers and agencies), transport companies, landlords, commercial partners, public bodies and associations to its employees and shareholders.

Accompanying Advertisers

JCDecaux aims to encourage loyalty among customers by continually providing unrivalled quality, value and service in a fiercely competitive advertising market. JCDecaux aims to be progressive and constantly adapting to the needs of our customers.

Supporting Major Causes

Since 1964, JCDecaux has been actively involved in many humanitarian and charitable events to support major causes, such as the fight against disease, help for the disadvantaged, the protection of the environment and road safety. Every year, JCDecaux supports not-for-profit organisations in the form of free advertising space on its advertising network.

Sustainable Purchasing

JCDecaux reinforces sustainable development in our Purchasing Policy. This actively drives sustainable development and the management of human rights in accordance with the conventions of the International Labour Organisation. All JCDecaux suppliers are required to sign a Supplier Code of Conduct and are thereby committed to respecting JCDecaux’s Social, Environmental, Equality & Diversity, Health & Safety and Ethical values. The Company reserves the right to terminate an agreement with any supplier that cannot demonstrate that they are upholding these requirements.