Case Studies

Case Studies

With over 25,000 StreetTalks in prime urban locations, any campaign can benefit from national coverage, unrivalled access to the high street and mass audience reach.

There are a variety of campaign opportunities when using StreetTalk, from dominating key population hubs to drive awareness of a brand, to pin-pointing exact locations near stores to influence sales.

Here are some examples of previous StreetTalk success stories, highlighting the best ways to use this pedestrian focused platform.


  • JCDecaux StreetTalk

    Proximity Campaigns

    Whether it’s proximity to bars and nightclubs, telecoms or fashion stores, StreetTalk’s domination of the high street means that campaigns can get right in on the action.

    Acting as an extension to store to promote sales and influence impulse purchases, case studies have shown that StreetTalk campaigns drive sales.

    Source : Lipton's Iced Tea Insight 2014

  • JCDecaux StreetTalk

    Brand Awareness

    This pedestrian focused format means that StreetTalk can bring a campaign straight to the street. From high reach national campaigns, or by targeting local areas with our bespoke and flexible network, StreetTalk is the perfect platform for getting a brand message to the public fast.

    One example is Greggs, who not only saw a high increase in brand awareness, but following the campaign consumers were twice as likely to purchase the product advertised- showing how StreetTalk works to secure lasting brand loyalty.

    Source : Greggs Insight 2012