Tesco is the UK’s largest supermarket group, attracting a broad audience across all ages and social backgrounds.

Actively looking for discounts and promotions, price is important to Tesco shoppers. They are +17% more likely to discuss products seen advertised on OOH with friends and family.

With SmartScreen@Tesco, brands can reach consumers according to when they are shopping, and by what they are shopping for- providing a final purchase prompt right at the front door. Open to influence, the typical Tesco shopper is +43% more likely to spend over £200 on a weekly basis.

Our fully optimised network of digital screens is live across 400 of the biggest Tesco stores around the country - a channel that is transforming point-of-sale advertising. Being -2% less likely to make a shopping list, Tesco shoppers have compared SmartScreen@Tesco to a ‘digital memo pad’.

An intelligent, optimised, network - SmartScreen is the Smart way to engage your target market.

*more/less likely than the average adult

Source: Touchpoints