JCDecaux is leading the way with the introduction of digital and architecturally planned-in sites at rail stations. The team plan and manage the installation, relocation and removal of advertising sites, and are also responsible for ensuring that media to be installed fulfils any specific planning and heritage approvals, such as the English Heritage specifications.

JCDecaux has an in-house team of qualified Chartered Engineers with experience in building transport media projects. The team is responsible for working with station architects and planners, securing approvals and managing our approved contractors to achieve the desired outcome. With advertising incorporated into the overall project plan, this valuable resource can be employed to ensure that the needs of the advertising concession match the vision of the station developers.

JCDecaux puts the responsibility for Health & Safety at the core of its business. We see best practice as a fundamental imperative for safe operations in the Outdoor business and believe we are leading the industry in this area. Our management systems are effectively designed to identify and control risks arising during work on advertising sites and infrastructure to ensure they are kept ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP). This is achieved by co-ordinating interrelated management systems that are defined, controlled and developed by the Health & Safety Department.

This is the rigour and expertise that JCDecaux brings to development of its advertising assets.