150 hyper-local posters for voice search

150 hyper-local posters for voice search

Google combined the scale and ubiquity of Outdoor with hyper-relevant context to promote voice search in London. With over 150 different creative executions, each relevant to its precise location, the 'Say it to get it' campaign won a Cannes Lion award in 2012.

Each poster was given a direct relevance to its immediate surrounding context. At Chelsea football club a poster carried the copy 'ley-tist skohrz' while at Canary Wharf a poster said, 'foot-see wun-hun-dred.'

The results proved the attention to detail paid off. Campaign recognition was over 3 times the Outdoor average. More than a quarter of people surveyed said they remembered speaking to someone about the campaign while Google searches for voice in London more than doubled compared to the rest of the country, the majority coming from smartphones.

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