Lynx : Fallen Angels

Lynx : Fallen Angels

When: March 2011

Where: Transvision : Victoria Station, London

Why: To drive awareness for the new Lynx Angels product and create a media first

How: Through a global world first, utilising augmented reality to create one of the biggest viral and talked about campaigns of all time, and subsequently Silver Cannes Lion winner; commuters at Victoria station were able to interact with moving augmented reality ‘angels’ on Victoria’s Transvision screen. The public were encouraged to stand in front of the digital screen by special floor branding featuring a Lynx halo. By looking at the digital screen, consumers standing inside the Lynx Halo zone could see live footage of themselves with a virtual angel inserted into the footage beside them. As the film on YouTube (Lynx Excite Angel Ambush) illustrates, the public immediately began interacting with the angels, hugging, kissing and even dancing with them.