Rail Technical Specifications

Rail Technical Specifications

Our website is currently under maintenance but we are always looking for talented individuals to join the JCDecaux team. Please send your CV to recruitment@jcdecaux.com and someone from our Recruitment Team will be in touch shortly.

Artwork Submission

  • Send all content to: UKDigitalCM.DS@jcdecaux.com, UKDigitalCM.ROK@jcdecaux.com, UKDigitalCM.TMP@jcdecaux.com
  • File naming convention MUST be strictly adhered to
  • Files smaller than 10MB can be emailed directly
  • Files larger than 10MB can be delivered using WeTransfer, Yousendit or similar mechanism
  • Artwork delivery - 5 working days prior to campaign launch for non-dynamic LINEAR content
  • Late copy delivery could impact timely campaign delivery

Additional Submission Pricing

Pre-supplied creative is scheduled onto the network before campaign launch.
Where additional scheduling is required after launch additional scheduling costs are incurred.

  • Additional scheduling will be charged at a rate of £120 net per creative (10 maximum creatives per standard 2 week campaign)
  • Out of office hours scheduling (9:00-5:30 Mon- Fri) is charged at a daily rate of £500 daily per creative per day - subject to final requirements being agreed in advance

Dynamic Campaigns

Intelligent dynamic campaigns incur additional fees (net of media) to accommodate pre-launch testing and network optimisation.

  • £2K: Text-based feed (e.g. Twitter feed) - compliance testing
  • £5K: Image-based and more complex (e.g. Facebook or mobile integration) - feasibility and compliance testing, on-going campaign monitoring
  • £17K: Live streaming – 3rd party optimisation, compliance testing, on-going campaign monitoring