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The Power of Big 3

25.02.2014 | Retail | Digital

JCDecaux has unveiled The Power of Big 3, a research project which provides a close analysis of JCDecaux’s core mall digital 6-sheet network and the effect of M-Vision to a campaign’s success.

JCDecaux’s key research findings reveal that the mall digital 6-sheet network doubles the spontaneous brand awareness and also increases spontaneous ad awareness by 61%. JCDecaux can also reveal that mall digital 6-sheets increase levels of purchase intent by 47%.

The Power of Big 3 also reveals that the addition of M-Vision increases the premium nature of a brand and heightens levels of consideration and recommendation.

As part of JCDecaux’s investment in premium digital Outdoor, JCDecaux’s M-Vision screens will become part of a planned network of 43 large-format screens in city centres at malls and train stations, with the national digital 6-sheet network set to rise to 1400 screens across environments in 2014.

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