News - Nintendo's gaming zones

Nintendo's gaming zones

01.10.2013 | Rail

Nintendo deployed a gaming zone at London Waterloo and Manchester Piccadilly rail stations as part of an experiential campaign booked with JCDecauxLive.

Promoting and creating awareness of the StreetPass function on the Nintendo 3DS, this campaign enticed commuters to test out a variety of Nintendo 3DS games on 14 different consoles available on the experiential zone in the middle of each station concourse.

With encouragement from the free merchandise and the costumed character, Luigi, at Waterloo and 3 Pokémon characters at Piccadilly Manchester, passengers who owned a Nintendo 3DS also had the opportunity to lounge in the seating area, connect to the Wi-Fi and play.

StreetPass is a Nintendo 3DS system that can wirelessly exchange game data with other Nintendo 3DS systems as you pass other players on the street.



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