Live Feed

Live Feed

Instant information on events and news, updated as it happens.

Please click on our case studies below to see the latest campaigns to use a live feed. 


Simple’s #KindtoCitySkin campaign

The Audi Dashboard

O2 live-streams Plan B

#FOODADVENTURES at Waterloo Station

Not Normal campaign on The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway

Camelot's 'Surprising Numbers' campaign

Stoptober challenge

#ScrabbleChallenge at Stations

Sky live-streams Ashes' scores

British Airways: “Fly to win” Campaign

Heineken Celebrated Team GB

The Times, The Paper of Records

McDonald’s ‘Made the Games’

BP Olympic Digital Campaign

EDF Olympic Campaign

Sky Go Extra 'owns' stations

Lynx: Fallen Angels

Spotify’s Mood of the Nation

Visa dominated media space at transport hubs

Burberry: ‘Live from London’

IBM: Wimbledon sponsorship

Google: Voice Recognition