JCDecauxLive provides a powerful opportunity for brands to reach youth audiences engaged in shared social experiences – at student unions, music venues and festivals – all supported by unique insight into the mindset of this audience through our Connected Youth community. This shows that most 16-24 year olds are interested in visiting an experiential area and over half agree it would positively influence their knowledge and awareness of a brand.

With over 50% of students stating that they visit their Student Union at least once a week, SU’s are the social hub at the centre of student life.  JCDecauxLive’s contract with the National Union of Students gives brands access to an audience that has only just ‘flown the nest’, providing the perfect opportunity to create brand loyalties with an audience making their own decisions for the first time.

Experiential activity at music venues also provides a great opportunity to target the youth audience at a variety of different events and concerts. With 2 out of 5 young adults saying they would arrive at least one hour before an event starts, this high dwell time gives brands the perfect opportunity to create an impact with an engaged and sociable audience. 

With over 300 festivals around the country covering several music genres, this is another chance to reach an influential, positive audience during a shared social experience.

JCDecaux also enables advertisers to amplify their experiential campaign by targeting the youth audience on their journey to an event, or around campus. With over 24,000 panels nationwide, StreetTalk offers a high-coverage, high-frequency solution at key locations in close proximity to universities, music venues and more.