JCDecauxLive can put your brand in front of an aspirational and image-conscious audience in premium malls nationwide with experiential space in high-footfall locations. With 91% of British shoppers visiting a shopping mall (BCSC), this is the ideal environment to reach consumers in the mind set to shop and interact.

In a proposition unique to JCDecauxLive, clients can combine their experiential activity with large-format M-Vision digital screens, enabling live updates, competitions, multiple messaging and links to social media content. 

To take over all digital media in the mall, M-Vision can be combined with Digital 6-sheets. Brands can amplify their customer experience even further with banners in high-footfall walkways and entrances, ambient floor media, and a variety of other opportunities- resulting in a complete domination of the entire mall. 

JCDecauxLive Retail gives clients the perfect opportunity to create beauty and fashion events, showcase new product launches or offer promotional activity. With unprecedented access to the most sought-after malls, brands can reach millions of consumers across the UK.