Focus on Quality

Focus on Quality

JCDecaux's core values of quality and design pervade every aspect of our business. Regular maintenance guarantees our products are kept in optimum condition, complimenting the environment, never detracting from it.

JCDecaux has a nationwide Operations department consisting of over 380 personnel. Our commitment to quality, presentation and delivery is recognised as first class within the industry.

We have regional operation centres across the country responsible for posting, maintenance and cleaning within their areas supported by National teams for Technical Development, Purchasing, Health & Safety and Posting performance.

All of our digital units are actively monitored centrally throughout their period of operation with remote intervention possible within minutes of detection of an issue.

JCDecaux puts the responsibility for Health & Safety at the core of its business. We see best practice as a fundamental imperative for safe operations in the Outdoor business and believe we are leading the industry in this area.

Our management systems are effectively designed to identify and control risks arising during work on advertising sites and infrastructure to ensure they are kept ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP). This is achieved by co-ordinating interrelated management systems that are defined, controlled and developed by the Health & Safety Department.

JCDecaux is extremely proud to have been awarded a Gold Medal at the prestigious RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards in 2011. This is JCDecaux's 7th consecutive Gold Medal in the awards.

If you spot a fault with one of our screens, you can contact us 24 hours a day on +44 (0)84 5521 3581 to report it to our quality and maintenance team.


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