Featured campaign - EY at Heathrow

EY at Heathrow

Over the past 3 months, EY, one of the world's largest financial services brands, have dominated the check in area of Heathrow Terminals 2 and 5. With an impressive collection of static and digital sites, their bold thought provoking creative made a huge impact, unmissable to all departing passengers as they entered the terminals.    

Combining the stunning motion and size of the Towers @ T5 with the frequency of the 10 hanging banners that run the length of the terminal, EY created a totally immersive message to target the thousands of influential business passengers that travel through Heathrow's busiest terminal every week. While at the UK's newest terminal, Heathrow Terminal 2, EY had an equally large presence with a second set of banners paired with a 2 large format lightboxes, The Global Gateway. Positioned in a key pinch point as passengers make their way into security, the imposing Global Gateway is impossible to miss. 

EY's colourful eye catching creative and their wide variety of sites made this one of the most interesting and effective campaigns seen by a finance brand at the airport.  

The campaign was planned and booked through JCDecaux Airport UK by PSI and Mediacom.