Featured campaign - Cylance dominates the Heathrow Express

Cylance dominates the Heathrow Express

Over October 2016 Cybersecurity software company Cylance executed an impressive takeover of the Heathrow Express station at Heathrow Terminal 5. By combining a variety of impactful large format static sites and eye catching digital screens, Cylance have created a totally immersive campaign that is impossible to miss as passengers embark and disembark the fast connection service.

Large format vinyl, hanging banners and immersive lift wraps ensure Cylance’s bold branding message is unmissable to 100% of the influential audience. The high impact static campaign is supported by a network of full motion digital screens that follow passengers as they make their way into the airport, making sure Cylance remains front of mind as they continue their journey.

With 69% of passengers travelling for business purposes, the Heathrow Express is the most business focused out-of-home environment in the UK, offering advertisers rare access to hard-to-reach business decision makers. For B2B brands there is no better place to reach and influence this elite business audience than the airport, where they are receptive to advertising and actively looking for B2B messaging.