Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

JCDecaux recognises that in our day-to-day operations we impact on the environment. We are therefore committed to reducing this level of impact wherever possible embracing the principles of sustainable development.

JCDecaux has achieved the ISO 14001:2004 certification across the entire roadside, retail, rail and airport operations’ portfolio - the internationally-recognised standard for the environmental management of business – and best practice is actively promoted within the group.

Accountability for the delivery of JCDecaux’s environmental policy is through the senior Management of the company. Specifically, the Environmental Executive Board takes responsibility corporately for the development and implementation of the policy and via appointed representatives within each of the core companies of the business.

JCDecaux’s Environmental Policy is fully communicated across the company with additional implementation teams appointed at each location to assist in the management of our Environmental objectives. The company has operates a continuous nationwide training programme to raise awareness, and has introduced new systems to allow improved communication on environmental matters. This initiative has been extended to our contractors, offering training and assisting them in the introduction of a basic environmental management system appropriate to their activities.

As part of our Environmental Commitment individual initiatives are helping JCDecaux to control its significant environmental impacts.

In the most significant change to the advertising industry since posters began, JCDecaux has demonstrated its full commitment to its environmental policy with the creation of 100% environmentally-friendly vinyl – a first for the industry. Marketed as ‘HD’, the product is fully recyclable with old posters being used to produce vinyl for a multitude of uses as well as new campaigns. Widely used across our billboard roadside portfolio, the development of this first reusable and recyclable poster is a significant step in the environmental progress of Outdoor advertising, being warmly received by a host of advertisers.

In addition JCDecaux has introduced new LED illumination systems on its Large Format Premier Backlit Portfolio using the latest technology to reduce consumption by up to 50%. With a programme of retrofits and a commitment to build all new Premier panels with this energy saving technology.

We have also developed the technology for our Street Furniture and Rail products with examples now illuminating our advertising in locations across the country.

Other current initiatives include:

  • Waste Management – We currently separate and recycle 17 different waste streams and have reduced our waste to landfill year on year by nearly 35% since 2008.
  • Water reduction strategy, introduction of new reduced water cleaning systems and improved efficiency of office facilities resulting in a 10% reduction in usage in 2011.
  • Energy efficiency projects in our depots and offices, behavioural change and investment in new technologies, from new boilers to movement sensors and LED lighting.
  • Introduction of Electric vehicles
  • JCDecaux UK is the market leader in solar-powered bus shelters. The shelters store the sun's energy during the day to provide lighting throughout the night.

Our commitment to fundamental improvements in environmental management and resources are outlined in our Environmental Policy Statement.