Heathrow Powerpoles offer advertisers a brilliant opportunity following new security rules.

Recent airport security regulations demand all electronic devices are sufficiently charged so they can be ‘switched on’ for security checks throughout the airport.

The Heathrow Powerpoles are therefore an essential charging point for passengers and a brilliant opportunity for advertisers to provide this much needed service. Situated throughout each of the 5 Heathrow terminals, in landside and airside locations, the 117 Powerpoles offer a reliable charging service to 90% of the Heathrow audience (66 million PAX per annum), in high dwell time areas.

Sponsorship of the Heathrow Powerpoles creates strong levels of positive brand association because advertisers are providing a service passengers really need. JCDecaux Airport research reveals that 40% of passengers feel more positive about a brand as a result of sponsorship; thus effectively generating brand loyalty.

The Powerpole service is therefore not only useful for passengers, but highly effective for advertisers.

Source: Heathrow Ltd. 2014, JCDA Airport Stories 2012